What is Uproar?
What does it do?

A new way to discover events near you

Uproar is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Looking for something to do nearby? We'll show you the hot events in your area. Traveling soon? Choose from nearly 100 different cities to plan what to do when you get there!

What kinds of events are you interested in? Do you only want to see yoga events, concerts, or maybe just a list of bars or clubs in the area? We have many different categories for you to choose from and add to your favorites for super-fast access.

Who is Team Uproar?
Meet the group!

Matthew Hagen Cofounder and CEO Machine learning guru

Joel Middendorf Cofounder and CTO Apps dev

Giancarlo Pagani Chief Marketing Officer Business Development

Sara Freedman Director of Brand Success Recruiting

Billy Stein Director of Sales Operations

Julius Bryant Business Development Manager

Joseph Tripodi Digital Marketing Coordinator Business Development

Alexandra Lowe Content Marketing Coordinator Social Media Strategist

Bonfire, LLC

A shiny new startup in
Atlanta, GA

App UI Design

Ryan Kimball